Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

General Overview of our Privacy Policy:

Yambo Web Design is committed to ensuring your privacy is always protected. Be assured any information we have will only be used in accordance with this privacy statement.

What we collect and what we do with your personal information

We only collect the following information from our contact form: name, contact, email address, and any other information relevant to an enquiry.

We only use this information to fulfil requests on our services and we do not disclose your personal information to any third party companies.

We do not hold any mailing lists on our customers. Your information is only used for invoicing purposes and for a point of contact. If you'd like to request the information we have on your person or business, please contact Yambo at: [email protected]

All your personal data is kept secure locally on our own personal computers, with encryption, which is not accessible to the outside world.

This data is kept for contact and invoicing purposes only. All contact data will be deleted from Yambo's records if you are no longer a Yambo customer.

Apart from the standard cookie we drop to help you navigate around our website, we also drop one other cookie - Google Analytics. This cookie does not identify you personally, only via an IP address.

If you wish to view our website anonymously please OPT OUT of Google Analytics using the following link: Google Opt Out, or alternatively by clicking the 'Disable' button in the banner below. If you cannot see the banner, please reset your cookies by Clicking Here.

NB: If no selection is made, and by continuing to browse our services, you'll agree to the use of cookies.