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HTML Compliant Google+ Code

Posted by Yambo on 29 November 2011

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As you can see we have just added our Google+ code to Yambo and have found that the default coding for Google+ invalidates our W3C compliant HTML website.

The default syntax for Google+ isĀ 

<g:plusone annotation="inline"></g:plusone>

This code is valid in HTML5 but not so in HTML4, the solution is to use this instead;

<div class="g-plusone"></div>

Whilst HTML5 is here, it is not as yet standard. Obviously the Internet evolves, as does languages, the current standard is HTML4. It is unknown when exactly HTML5 will become standard. We, as designers, can try and push the standard out by only building websites for certain browsers which support HTML5/CSS3, but this is, unfortunately, the minority at the moment.

Google are one of the big names that are pushing this and are currently producing some fine valid HTML5/CSS3 websites.