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e-Commerce - Onwards and Upwards 2014

Posted by Yambo on 2 January 2014

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New year, new vigor and new direction! At Yambo we are always trying to improve what we can offer our customers. This year we have decided to give our customers more flexibility when choosing an e-Commerce solution. We have designed a service to help lessen the set-up cost of an e-Commerce website. The pricing structure will vary depending on how many sales you make and/or how much traffic your website gets.

In principle it'll be similar to a pay as you go option. And over the next few months we will be introducing this NEW low cost ecommerce range. Not only will this be a more cost-effective way of running your online business but we will also grow with your business. It's still our fantastic e-Commerce system!

Here are just a few things you can expect from our new low-cost e-Commerce range:

  • Free domain registration
  • Low cost set-up ONLY £495 one-off fee
  • Low monthly cost from £35
  • Full website/database back-ups every month - no need to worry!
  • Full onsite Search Engine Optimisation with our complete launch checklist
  • Managed e-Commerce system - we take care of any updates to the core system for FREE
  • Unlimited Bandwidth - 100% uptime, NO off and on peak restrictions!
  • Unlimited Mailboxes - create as many email accounts as you like using your own control panel
  • Website on a Dedicated IP - that's right, no random shared hosting! We only use our dedicated server.
  • 1 hour of our time dedicated to your website each month - we will contact you once a month to check up on your website and help in any way we can, either by updating your website or letting you know of any new features/modules available - our own web designers who manage your website will speak to you directly. NO middle man!

Please stay tuned, this is coming very soon!