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Google+ is here

Posted by Yambo on 26 November 2011

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Google+ is the new attempt from Google to build a social networking platform to rival others such as Facebook, Myspace, etc. What makes Google+ different?

Well firstly it's from Google, which is always a good start. But, and more importantly, it gives you the opputunity to rate your favourite websites and recommend them to your friends. Will this have an affect on how well those websites appear in Google and help order search results in the future? Who knows?

Overall, Google+ looks very good indeed with lots of new features, especially circles, which could just make the difference between this and other social networking platforms. It's also fully integrated in with Google Mail and other Google products. 

Only problem we have come across with Google+ so far, is the code used to add the button to our website is not valid HTML.

A post on how to add a valid Google+ button to follow shortly.