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The future's bright, the future's HTML5 & CSS3

Posted by Yambo on 17 December 2011

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As mentioned in our previous post, HTML4 is the current web standard for designers and developers. HTML5 is supported in some modern browsers and, with this in mind, we have decided to explain some of the many new syntactical features available. 

In particular the new 'Canvass' element, this is used to add/incorporate video and audio without the need for 3rd party plugins.

This element greatly improves the capabilities of how the Internet handles video and audio on the web. HTML4 is very limited; currently the most popular way is by the user installing a 3rd party plugin, such as Adobe Flash, on their browser.

The downlside to the Adobe Flash plugin is it isn't supported on most mobile devices, such as iPhone, iPad, etc. This is where HTML5 will shine. Flash is quite cubersome and slow on mobile devices, as it uses a lot of system resource. Whereas HTML5 is light-weight and reliable. And best of all, HTML5 is fully supported by Apple.

Typography is another feature we are eagely awaiting. The CSS3 and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) properties on type will allow for some truly amazing designs. Designs only currently possible by using images on the web, designs that look like they were taken from a magazine. The ability to create stylised fonts on your website without adding image files and for the font to be completely scalable no matter how large or small the text is will be beautiful.

2D and 3D transitions using CSS3 will allow for websites to animate a lot more and without the drain on the browser. Browsers will also be able to render the CSS3 3D transforms, which will allow you to pan around and explore a view in 360 degrees.

Exciting times ahead for us web designers as the prospect of some truly amazing websites makes our creative juices flow. We have already seen some of the technogoly being used by Google and Apple, and this is just the very beginning.